Mobile Information Platform (LiEMS Mobile)

In the current business layout, a company faces the multiple pressures such as technical innovation, management innovation, business mode innovation, transformation and upgrading and trans-industrial integration, so it requires more convenient, efficient and intelligent mobile information solution to facilitate its business innovation and upgrade its strategic implementation capability.

Based on the mobile internet, cloud computation, business modeling and big data technology, LiEMS Mobile Information Platform supports the mobile appliances of Android and iOS at the same time, highlighting the fresh and flexible interfaces; easy and convenient to operate, it provides a stable, reliable and custom integrated mobile information solution featured with safety, usability and expandability.

As luculent has assisted the company customers in information construction experience and accumulation for these eighteen years, LiEMS Mobile provides the overall mobile business modules, including mobile business of OA, CRM, supply chain, asset management and real-time monitoring. As all functions are combined with the actual business activities of the company, the system integrates lean management conception, improves the business coordination efficiency and process control capability as well as the corporate customer management and marketing benefits and betters its safe production and decision analyzing capabilities so as to construct an organization featured with high executive and superior performance and help the company create its own flat mobile office space.

Mobile Information Platform (LiEMS Mobile)
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LiEMS Mobile Information Platform provides the mobile functions of business development, application management and equipment control, so it's a strategic supporting platform used by the company to construct a one-stop mobile information solution.

The bottom layer of the platform is based on a uniform modeling platform driven by models which realizes modeling of the business process and statements with the visual process, sheet and statement platforms in order to meet the users’ demands for rapid construction of mobile business.

The mobile platform utilizes the flexible hybrid structure so that the users can select HTML 5 technology or native technology for development in accordance with the business scenarios. The mobile platform layer provides the common functions, such as mobile equipment management, application version control, application authority control, message promotion and instantaneous chatting, to support various business items at the upper layer.

The mobile business layer provides abundant packages, wherein the user can select suitable modules according to his demands or individual business customized on the basis of the mobile information platform.

To help the corporate decision-making layer real-time master the corporate dynamic conditions and comprehend the future business, the system provides the mobile management billboard where the corporate leaders can real-time master every indicators such as the overall efficiency, dynamic sales, inventory, production indicator and other information.

Visualized business modeling to rapidly realize mobile business

As the company faces the changing competition environment with new technology and modes emerging endlessly, it has to improve the business flexibility as required to seize the opportunity in such environment full of fierce competition. Based on the business modeling conception, LiEMS Mobile realizes the mobile business creatively in the modes of visualized business, process, sheet and statement modeling and better the business response efficiency of mobile information platform with its flexible configuration capability.


One-stop mobile information platform to resolve the mobile APP chip problem

LiEMS Mobile not only provides the basic technical platform of mobile information but also furnishes overall and abundant mobile business packages, so it can rapidly customize expansion as required for the corporate management to meet the company demands for mobile management of each business section and fully resolve the problems of impossible intensive efficient management and integration due to the company APP chips, based on the same platform.


Hybrid mobile structure to highlight costs and performances at the same time

The functions natively developed highlight various representation modes and outstanding performances wherein the functions developed with HTML 5 can shape a trans-platform application and LiEMS Mobile takes the hybrid mobile structure which can flexibly select suitable technology according to the business scenarios and demands.


Real-time message promotion to keep no important work omitted

Based on the uniform information center, it can real-time provide various business messages. If the user has any information such as tasks, process and alarms to be handled, it will real-time remind the user of such message and ensure such tasks handled in time.

1) Mobile OA: The collaborative office management takes the process management as its core and the coordinated office operation as its goal and specifies the overall corporate business appraisal process to realize efficient coordination and communication and better the administrative efficiency for the corporate office management goals of “standardization High efficiency control and reform”.

Process appraisal: timely remind the user of the process to be handled so that the user can rapidly appraise such process with his mobile appliances and real-time track the process appraisal, excavate the corporate process performance based on the process treatment data and instruct the process optimization and control;

Task management: control the whole process of tasks including issuance, execution, reporting, acceptance and comments, timely track task implementation and improve the corporate execution ability;

Agenda management: plan, remind of and implement the personal agenda, correlate such agenda with such business as conference arrangement and customer visit plan, real-time enquire and mark the personal work plans and deal with the important agenda on schedule;

Report management: real-time report the worker’s conditions for that day, week and month, integrate task implementation, marketing information, project information, geological information etc. and fully exhibit the employees’ work achievements;

Attendance control: integrate the mobile positioning service, record the current geological information, apply such information to the marketing, project, daily reporting and other modules, and generate the employees’ action records;

Notification and announcement: issue and browse various notices or announcements inside the company and support promoting and reminding of messages so that the staff can real-time master the latest dynamic conditions of the company;

Corporate WeChat: realize instantaneous communication inside the company, support the functions such as one-to-one chat, group chat, voice, picture and geological positioning, in-depth integrate projects, tasks and marketing functions to effectively develop task-oriented communication;

Billboard analyzing: provide many representation modes of graphics, statements and maps etc., real-time monitor the corporate operation status, promote the pre-warning information in time and provide the decision-making rationality and agility;

Address list: support contact enquiries in many modes of organizational structure, key words, initials etc. and directly contact the personnel in the modes of call and instantaneous communication etc.; 

2) Mobile CRM: control the whole sales process, reduce the sales cost and better the sales performance.

Customer management: provide the integrated customer management views so that the salesmen can control and track the potential customers, support mastering the customer’s demands in multiple dimensions, examine overall customer conditions and provide better services and supports for the customer;

Sales opportunity management: taking C139 marketing model as its guideline, establish the whole sales process and the action records from the sales opportunity establishment to its end so as to control the whole marketing process;

Contact management: create new contacts in many modes of phone address list upload, business card recognition and manual creation, and link such information to the designated customers to make enquiries and provide convenient and efficient maintenance;

Action report management: taking the customers as its center, provide the life-cycle customer tracking records for the salesmen so that the salesmen and the leaders can real-time master every dynamic condition of the customer. And avoid loss of customer tracking records due to the staff change; 

3) Mobile property management: improve the equipment management benefits, better the safe production capability, realize energy saving and emission reduction.

Mobile appliance scanning the two-dimension codes can real-time display the equipment operation information and send the out-of-limit alarm for safe production and operation of the company;

Feedback equipment defects and faults at site, take photos and shoot videos to visually describe defects;

Review, handle defects and work permits on the mobile appliances and provide real-time reminders to improve the defect elimination efficiency and better the safety management level;

RFID and mobile appliance positioning technology is used to ensure patrolling and inspection in place and avoid frauds in the patrolling process;

With the professional analyzing model, excavate the big data value, statistically analyze and predict the trend related to the corporate production and operation data;

4) Mobile supply chain management: improve the inventory accuracy ratio and reduce the inventory cost.

Integrate the IoT and mobile internet technology into the mobile supply chain to realize more efficient, convenient procurement and storage business and maximize the work efficiency;

Realize output and input of the warehouse by the mobile appliance scanning the codes, ensure accurate material output and input and better the inventory accuracy ratio;

With mobile inventory, warehouse output and input analyzing, age analysis, inventory monitoring and other measures, real-time master the dynamic conditions of the actual inventory, validly avoid repeated procurement and dead accounts and reduce the inventory cost;

5) Real-time mobile monitoring: real-time master the corporate production and operation indicators and aid decisions.

Real-time indicator: link to the real-time database, exhibit the real-time equipment operation information, promote the alarm information and support safe production;

Carry out horizontal and longitudinal comparative analyses and excavate the data value: compare all indicators horizontally and longitudinally, compare indicators and data on the year-on-year basis or with the figure of the previous month, excavate the improvable items;

The leading technical structure of LiEMS Mobile is widely appraised by many users due to its rich functions and open expandability and LiEMS Mobile is widely used by over 600 large and medium-sized company customers at present:


Some typical customer application effects are as follows:

1) Oceanwide Green Energy – integrated managmeent information platform

As an overseas electric power investment group with high growth rate, Oceanwide Green Energy International Investment Co., Ltd fulfills the four-aspect management theory highlighting “flat, intensive, specialized and information management” through establishment of the integrated management information platform for full coverage of Green Energy International headquarters and its power plants as well as the full-process digital control.

With the collaborative mobile office, it gets a series of functions such as teleconferences, process appraisal and application for leave etc. by use of the phones to break through the conventional office time and location restrictions, bettering the corporate coordination efficiency; and it shapes the transparent teamwork culture and constructs the hi-execution learning organization by use of flat planning, task and reporting management, and Oceanwide Green Energy also enhances control over project budget, schedule and resource transparency and improves its flexibility to the market changes and its core competitiveness.

2) Mengdong Energy Corporation – safe production control platform

SPIC Nei Mongol Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nei Mongol Corporation”) is the regional subsidiary solely owned by SPIC in Inner Mongolia, which boasts 38 subordinate units at present, with the gross assets of CNY 63.6 billion and 13,616 employees. And these subsidiaries are mainly situated in Tongliao, Chifeng, Ximeng, Erdos, Baotou, Hohhot etc.

Through management over mobile appliances, defects and two tickets, it takes the site work mode innovation to review the equipment history, real-time information and repair standard by scanning codes, and rapidly issue invoices by taking photos and shooting videos, improving the equipment inspection and repair efficiency. And based of mobile patrolling and potential risk management, it not only betters the patrolling arrival rate, efficiency and patrolling quality, but also effectively improves the corporate safety production capability, so it is the powerful helper which fulfills the corporate safety control policies.

3) CNI Huaxing – lean construction platform of nuclear power

The lean construction management platform for nuclear power projects fully utilizes the real-time and convenient features of LiEMS Mobile which shortens the distance between the project construction team and the information system by use of its platform based on the mobile internet and two-dimension code technology, so that the construction staff needn’t to coordinate and report work with their computers and they are no longer restricted by time-space and location.

For construction of the nuclear power projects, machining materials often requires coordination of many teams such as embedded part workshop, painting and sand blasting workshop and Hedaodui Prefabrication Factory and some processing plans even ask for participation of external teams. So the employees of each division return to the computer terminals for feedback upon the work completion depending on the conventional information solutions and the coordination divisions may face deferred or omitted progress feedback received. And as the external teams don’t belong to the same organization, efficient coordination is impossible.

The mobile internet technology is applied during construction to speed up construction information flow, boost the business innovation and validly resolve the foregoing problems. After the embedded part workshop completes machining, the responsible personnel in the painting and sand blasting workshop will receive the proceeding notice immediately and complete work handover and treatment in the work handover module and the external teams also take work handover and coordination in the same platform.

Mobile internet + construction actually integrate the internal and external organizations into the same platform, improving the construction efficiency.