Integrated Control Platform of Power Technology Institute

Luculent integrated control platform of the power technology institute is widely applicable for the electric power institutes under each large power generation group, power grid company and energy group; taking “technology leadership, management innovation and process reconstruction” as its goals and the advanced corporate management theory and information measures as its supports, the platform assists such institutes in becoming a top-class industrial think tank integrating the centers of technical supervision, technical services, scientific R&D and technological information so as to better overall production and operation management levels and sustainable profitability over the core business of such power technology institutes.

Integrated Control Platform of Power Technology Institute
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Luculent Power Technology Institute Integrated Control Platform sets up an information control platform embodying the management features and supporting the management improvement in compliance with the relevant control requirements, which fully covers the core business of the power technology institutes such as technical supervision, technical services, scientific R&D and technological information. Utilizing the mature experience and achievements of information construction in the industry, the overall platform structure takes the top layer design and layered structure modes in combination of new IT and integrated construction conceptions to support the business process optimization and gradually reach the general goals of information construction for the power technology institutes.

Based on the top-layer design conception, it establishes the integrated production and operation information platform to fully integrate headquarters/affiliated units, management/control, finance/business, performance/business, knowledge/business and further boost the centralized control over various key business items related to production and operation for bettering the overall operation quality of the power technology institutes.

It establishes a standard, intelligent and transparent information platform of technical supervision to support efficient operation of the technical supervision system at the three levels of group, branches and subsidiaries, and power plants and real-time reflect the safe production status of the equipment and the technical and economic indicators; therefore, it can provide professional technical services for the power plants, constantly optimizing the overall operation effects of the equipmentand constructing the big data center of safe production.

Leading by the institute comprehensive plan, it decomposes, issues and implements operation goals layer by layer and checks their norm compliance and constructs the closed-loop management mode of “comprehensive plan - project implementation - norm compliance statistics - performance improvement”so as to enhance the strategic goal decomposition and implementation and effectively reduce the peration costs through optimized configuration of various resources such as staff, finance and materials.

Integrating the international leading project management knowledge system, it establishes a diversified project establishment system full controlling various business items in the project mode, such as investment and procurement, technical services, scientific R&D, project commissioning, special management to specialize the project implementation process and optimize the project resource utilization ratio for better project efficiency and quality.

Centralized information portal

The uniform Information portal is a comprehensive portal platform integrating online office, information issuance, communication and coordination and comprehensive services for uniform access and content of the applied systems and integrated exhibition of applications, which keeps system applications and data interaction safe, reliable by use of information safety technology.


Planned financial management

The system establishes the production and operation indicator system through the comprehensive plans application and distribution, fully implements the production and operation goals through the overall budgetary management and the work plan management, and decomposes and implements the production and operation goals through contract conclusion and full-process project management so as to enhance the process control mode and dynamically check the compliance of production and operation with the norms with constant improvement for the power technology institutes.


HR management

Based on its own talent strategies, management features and application demands, the HR management system sets up a standard, efficient and flexible concentrated HR information platform for overall, exact and safe centralized staff information management over the whole process management from the employee recruitment to his dismissal or retirement, which not only provides the lean and modeling social insurance and remuneration management as well as flexible and convenient performance evaluation control, but also supports various and abundant enquiry statistics, pre-alarming reminder and data tracing functions so as to better the human resources management efficiency.


Materials management

The materials management system controls the full process from demands, plans, procurement, delivery and settlement to requisition while the outsourced materials include all materials required for the daily operation of the power technology institutes and those used in the project management process. The material control system can effectively standardize the material management process of the power technology institutes and better the material procurement efficiency; moreover, it can reduce the comprehensive procurement costs and fund occupancy and improve the resource configuration capability of these institutes, establishing a set of efficient, transparent and intensive centralized control platform for materials.


Production control

The production control system supports the key production indicator modeling of the power generation companies completed under the technical supervision norms and extracts, stores, calculates and statistically analyzes the real-time production data and provides the flexible configuration technology as well as various exhibition modes so that the technical supervision, technical services and other core production business of the power technology institutes can be fully implemented with information measures. After long-term data communication, it constructs a production-related big data center for the power technology institutes and provides technical supports for in-depth data applications such as performance analyzing, operation, optimization, equipment status analyzing to promote constant improvement and innovation at the technical norms for the purpose of constructing such institutes into technical think tanks of electric power production.


Project management

The project management system not only realizes the longitudinal communication of the project management data and the horizontal coordination of business, but also establishes the standard, lean, centralized and dynamic project management framework through integration of business, information and work flows. Based on the standard systems such as project management regulations and work instructions of the power technology institutes, it controls the whole life cycle from preliminary planning, implementation control and postal evaluation of projects.


Scientific research control

The scientific research control system establishes a standard, transparent and efficient information management platform for the power technology institutes, which can control the whole life cycle from project application, establishment and argumentation, plan preparation, organization and implementation, inspection and evaluation, acceptance and verification, achievements declaration and reporting, technical promotion and archiving so as to boost scientific project management rationality and keep the project activities standard, planned and scientific for quality cost reduction and resource utilization efficiency improvement.


Scientific information mangement

It sets up a uniform standard library for the power technology institute details for centralized management and maintenance of various standards and provides the applications such as standard retrieval, review, browse and download etc. so as to construct a power technology institute knowledge system in the dimensions of knowledge, information, literature, cases and scientific achievements, therefore it can improve the institute serviceability, scientific research power, sustainable profitability; moreover, it extracts, collects, stores, categorizes, retrieves and inquires various scientific information, knowledge and research achievements to create a service platform of scientific information resources for the power technology institutes; in addition, it provides standard control over the scientific journals and various media scientific information of these institutes.


Comprehensive office management

the collaborative office management takes the process control as its core and the office coordinated operation as its goal and standardizes the overall business appraisal process of the power technology institutes for efficient coordination and communication so as to fulfill the goal of the “standardization, high efficiency, control and reform” related to office management with the administrative efficiency bettered for the power technology institutes. And it fully covers the management business of documents, vehicles, conferences, supervision, agenda, seals, reception and travel on business etc.


CPC-mass management

The CPC-mass disciplinary inspection control takes the CPC construction guidelines of CPCC under the new situation in the new era as its basis and strictly conforms to the national requirements on CPC construction, anticorruption construction, work union inspection and evaluation system, in close combination of the actual conditions and demands for the CPC-mass disciplinary inspection of these institutes, to control CPC affairs, work union, Youth League, disciplinary inspection and supervision and further resolve the problems of synchronous organization construction, dynamic staff management and development across different places.


Mobile application

It constructs the staff-oriented integrated mobile office platform so that the staff can master production and operation status of the power technology institute anywhere at any time and rapidly and conveniently handle various business procedures with timely, efficient communication, sharing and coordination; therefore, the system greatly improves the employees’ work efficiency and innovation creativity in the mobile and internet modes established.

Guodian Scientific Technology Institute (hereinafter referred to Guodian Institute) established on October 22, 2008, is a scientific research unit directly under China Guodian Group Corporation, with over twenty branches and subsidiaries and thousands of employees, and it is also a large comprehensive and multi-discipline scientific agency in the Chinese electric power industry with its research scope covering every aspect of electric power technology and the relevant fields. Based on the advanced corporate management theory, Luculent integrites the business features of the power technology institute and establishes an integrated information platform which takes the institute comprehensive plan as its guideline, overall budgetary management as the highlight, production technology management as its core and project process control as its main line to resolve the dilemmas of difficult plan tracking, impossible standard fulfillment and uncontrollable key nodes related to the institute business control for a long term. And through the centralized, standard and lean management over the core business, the system provides powerful technical supports so that the institute can constantly boost its management innovation and grow into a top-class power technology institute with all efforts.

The integrated information platform constructs Guodian Group Technical Supervision Platform in the first stage when it utilizes modern information technology and resources to construct the advanced, innovative technical supervision management conception and mode and all-dimension assist Guodian Group, in construction and perfection of its technical supervision management and business processes; meanwhile, the system improving the technical supervision management level and getting the relevant technical and management innovation for fulfillment of systematic, standard and efficient technical supervision management. The technical supervision platform mainly contains the following modules: standard system, technical supervision network, work plan, evaluation management, statement control, alarm control, problem control, comprehensive evaluation, technical exchange, equipment information and technical services.

In the second stage, the integrated information platform constructs a comprehensive management and control integration platform for Guodian Power Technology Institute to deal with the internal production and operation management process and effectively link up such core business as comprehensive plan, customer marketing, HR resources, material procurement, contract management, technical services, scientific research and development, special projects of the divisions, integrated office, CPC-mass disciplinary inspection; in this way, it boosts dynamic sharing of production and operation data through business integration to systematize management process, standard system and business knowledge system for standard, lean and scientific management and further better the quality and efficiency of production and operation all over the institute.