Engineering Project Control System (EPC)

Engineering project control is a complicated process and how an engineering company can improve the project quality, complete the project on schedule, reduce cost and better economic benefits with the project as its core is the key to survival and growth of the company. and Luculent EPC system utilizes the latest information technology and integrates the advanced project management methods and knowledge system highlighting the superior flexibility to insist on the main line of plan → coordination → tracking → management → control → accumulation, facilitating balance of project schedule, expenditure and resources input for the company. Luculent EPC system insists on the development direction of integration and coordination to take control over the whole process for parallel implementation of multiple processes and procedures; and it realizes optimization and coordination between tasks, resources, organizations, phases and regions on the uniform project management platform; driven by the uniform standard process, the system can boost cooperation and proceeding among multiple projects and divisions so as to raise the corporate work efficiency. The system takes the scheduled plan as the leading role and highlights supervision over multiple projects to aid communication and management through the custom business management network and process and provide sound task-centered records, warning and traceability system. Luculent EPC system provides the engineering project management services in the infrastructure construction stage and carries out the life-cycle management for stable transition into production stage, supporting the production and operation. Moreover, it can provide quality services in many market modes such as EPC, BT, BOT and PPP. Therefore, the system is widely used in the fields of electric power, building materials, chemical engineering, railway, bridge, municipal utilities, architecture, design etc.

Engineering Project Control System (EPC)
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Luculent EPC system solution is designed for the process type intensive group project management with the value chain as its core to control project system, contract, planned schedule, materials and funds, manage and control overall conditions, including expenditure, schedule, contract, construction process, quality and safety, by use of scientific and advanced project management theory for the purposes of integration and effective coordinated management over each business segment of the project, such as plan, contract, schedule, procurement and fund; therefore, it can effectively control the project cost, control overall project resources and better the project management level so as to improve the decision analyzing capability and further enhance the corporate core competitiveness.


Integration of “two major” theories

1. It integrates PDCA management theory to realize the closed loop control over the whole process of cost, schedule, quality and safety through the life-cycle project management;

2. It integrates the norm compliance management theory and establishes the complete EPC indicator library to effectively motivate the company growing in compliance with the best level of the industry and realize the top-class EPC management benchmarking and innovation development through comparison with the benchmark for pinpointing the gaps;

Enhancement of “four” capabilities

1. It assists the companies in shaping the management capability over the cluster of projects and realizes uniform management, balance and optimization of the project resources, while the system establishes the risk management base for the engineering projects for the project risk prevention, avoidance and control;

2. It assists the company in bettering the resource configuration capability and constructs a coordinated management platform over the project schedule for contractors and supervisors so that they can better the management level and efficiency;

3. It assists the company in bettering the capability and level of project construction risk recognition and monitoring, coordinates the fund input and controls the construction investment cost, while the system not only ensures the project quality and shortens the construction cycle but also properly control the life-cycle project information to provide information supports for the leaders making decisions;

4. It assists the company in shaping the practical and effective project knowledge database over the whole project process and accumulates successful EPC project to provide duplicable management mode for new projects.

Integrate the project management process

Based on the life-cycle engineering project features, the system tracks the whole process management from preparation to handover and maintenance and fully exhibits the different functions of the decision-making, management and implementation layers during the management to care about the project life cycle in layers for the project management process integration.

Integrate design, production and management

As the EPC contract management is related to the project establishment in the design management, the design contract can push forward the design project tasks to establish the design project and boost the project team and plans for smooth transition of general contracting and design; therefore, the automatic issuance of the design project tasks, automatic generation of the design tasks in the general contracting worksheets as well as meticulous and real-time exhibition of the relationship all result in integration of tasks, schedule, quality and expense between the general contracting and design projects, in addition to the integrated control.

Such integration fulfills the lean management over the design project of general contracting, leading to automatic correlation between the design project and the general contracting tasks, so it is possible to control the data relationship for finished products, knowledge application and analyses, facilitate capability improvement and strengthen the corporate core competitiveness.

Control the whole standard procurement, reduce the relevant cost and better the procurement quality

It fixes the procurement process and standardizes the procurement process to specify the material management process; it dynamically controls the procurement schedule and the procurement cost by use of the “value-worthiness” management technology; it establishes the library of acceptable suppliers to take fair, just and open management over the bidding process for the purposes of improving the procurement quality and reducing its cost; using the “2-dimension code” scanning technology of the packing lists and the commodity box tracking, it combines the IoT technology to track and monitor the whole process of the project logistics and transportation; moreover, it establishes the business control points at each segment of the procurement management for orderly development of the procurement activities. 

Full-process schedule tracking and dynamic process analyzing to keep the project term controllable and under control

Taking the schedule as the main line of the project management, an engineering project requires the perfect construction schedules such as overall control plan, the implementation plan and the period plan after many parties participate in the planning and preparation procedure; and such project shall optimize the resource deployment such as labor, materials, equipment, funds and technology, through inspection and analyses on the plan completion so as to ensure implementation of such project schedule and control its costs and expenditure. Moreover, it takes the “value-worthiness” technology to dynamically control the project implementation and enhance its schedule control for the purpose of hi-quality delivery within the specified term. And the system takes the in-depth integration of the platform and P6 software so as to validly control the project schedule and effective integration of P6 system, further bettering the longitudinal efforts of schedule control.

With lean cost control, improve the engineering company profitability

With the contracts as carrier, the system can effectively control the project costs and take the preliminary cost plan – event control – post-event analysis through overall budget. It can establish the fund management system by use of the integrated platform for lean cost management and multi-dimension expenditure control. Moreover, the system establishes a multi-level pre-warning mechanism to monitor the cost data from many aspects, while it provides the pre-warning reminder with combination of many measures for the real-time deviation and takes corrective measures timely for the adverse deviation from the budget goals so that the whole project production and operation activities are under control and the predicted target costs come true.

Highlight overall quality management and full-process quality risk prediction, ensure high project quality

At the aspect of quality management, the system conforms to the operation principle of “production-oriented infrastructure construction and operation-oriented production” so that the quality management must cover each segment of project implementation from the quality goal identification, management planning and management network establishment in the preparation stage, thru construction and equipment manufacturing quality control in the construction stage, commissioning and defect elimination in the trial operation stage to the unit performance evaluation after the production up to standards so as to define the responsibilities clearly in the quality plan, wherein the management conforms to the relevant regulations and takes quality analyses to track the sources and rapidly pinpoint the problems; in such case, with the full-process quality traceable, the system corrects the quality deviation, controls the quality risks in advance and predict the quality trend for quality improvement. Therefore, as the whole construction process stays under control all the time, the system can lay the foundation for long-term, safe and stable operation to fulfill the project construction quality goals and realize the hi-level production up to the standards.

Cover the overall HSE management elements and ensure stable and safe construction process

It integrates the national safety standard system and applies the PDCA Deming cycle management mode with the risk precaution as its core to strengthen the standard management at the aspects of staff, equipment, environment and system and exhibit the safety control flow and the safety information stream completely, clearly through the system platform construction. Meanwhile, it handles the applicability of each safety business management module to meet the control requirements of proper traceability and smooth information transmission. 

Shape the efficient coordination mechanism of all project parties concerned, improve the work capability, efficiency and quality

The multi-party coordination based on the integrated platform can effectively protect full communication and coordination among all divisions within the EPC project department and all parties concerned of the project, fully keep the information safety and timeliness and reserve the original information so as to greatly improve the project management efficiency and ensure normal and stable operation of the project as well as successful realization of the goals.

Exhibit the layered functions at each level

It supports the three-layer management system including the decision-making, control and implementation layers, enhances the project management standardization and reinforces the management foundation; meanwhile, the system fulfills the overall project management responsibilities and tasks of “four control items, three key points and one coordination object” to improve the project management standardization with the foundation work reinforced, better the work quality and efficiency and boost the project management business coordination and operation; therefore, as the emphasis changes from the project expense and on-schedule completion to the project value and timely delivery to optimize management and boost optimal resource configuration, the system is designed to reduce the project cost and enhance the post accountability and the consciousness of responsibility.

For hi-level management staff: the system can master the project health status and support decisions.

The hi-level management staff can use the traceability by use of the key indicators at the portal to in-depth understand overall control effects of each control point in layers and get the data supports; with the trend analysis, the management at a high level can master the development tendency at each project aspect in advance. Moreover, the management can use the KPI analysis and the management cabin provided by the portal to real-time master key problems, indicators and trend prediction in the project, so the system can provide overall, real-time business data supports for the hi-level managers making decisions or strategies in the modes of problem exposure, analyzing and prediction.  

For the intermediate management: it can analyze the project implementation and monitor the project at any time.

The intermediate management staff can master the real-time business details of each project such as cost, schedule, quality, change, contract, safety and information through the project details, while the system can provide the business data supports for the intermediate management to fulfill and ensure “four control items, three key points and one coordination object”.

For the project implementation layer: it can provide the coordination platform and raise the work efficiency.

The implementation layer can obtain the current tasks exactly in time through the business motivation, automatic reminder and workflow provided at the portal, while the system can realize clear task content and requirements; and for the purposes of the work efficiency improvement, the system can decompose and issue the real-time tasks at the middle level exactly to the implementation layer in the mode of personnel-oriented tasks and provide the systematic coordination and protection for the goals to be proposed and done on the same day.

Support tacking the original data in the statistic statements

As the data of various statistic statements in the system come from the business database, the system can flexibly, conveniently and automatically generate various statements based on the business data correlations of all parties concerned; meanwhile, the data in these statements support tracking the original business data, so the user can easily enquire and track the data generation process.

Realize transition from knowledge accumulation to knowledge reuse

Through accumulation of the previous project experience, the system can properly change the status where the staff and the project-related experience files and dataare lost upon the project completion, but constantly accumulate knowledge and experience with the management level improved; the system may accumulate the experience related to the former projects and constantly copy the experience of the successful ones to the others so as to greatly shorten the preparation time of other new projects and raise the success probability continually, so it can reach the goal of constantly improving the overall engineering project management level.

1) To enhance the design management and integrate design and construction.

Enhance the design file management and control the project risks;

Strictly control design changes and validly control the engineering cost;

Exert the effects of design sources and better the design quality;


2) To enhance the plan control and take valid management over the project schedule.

Prepare the well-structured and feasible schedule in multiple paths to implement the project on schedule;

Track the schedule in the whole process and ensure the project term controllable;

Take the resources input flexibly to closely fit the project schedule, and further enhance the schedule control;

Enhance the dynamic analysis on the schedule process and fulfill the project control goals;


3) To standardize the procurement management, enhance control over the procurement process, reduce the relevant cost and better the procurement quality.

Control the whole procurement process and raise the control capability for material procurement;

Standardize the supplier management and optimize costs for comprehensive procurement;

Take centralized procurement and improve the resource configuration capability;

Statistically search for the sources, better the overall procurement quality and efficiency and save the relevant cost;


4) To take lean construction control and ensure accurate project delivery on schedule.

Plan construction for the entire project and conform to the essential control points in order;

Integrate resources for reasonable configuration and complete system, guarantee the construction quality, schedule and safety;

Effectively deploy human resources and meet the demands for labor at the site;

Fully utilize various mobile terminals and better the work efficiency at the construction site;


5) To control the quality process and ensure the project construction quality.

Effectively transform the quality management system and realize full coverage of the quality management network;

Clear the responsibilities in the quality plan and stipulate the regulations for management;

Control quality in the whole process and keep the project controllable, controlled and under control;

Analyze quality and track the sources to rapidly pinpoint the problem;


6) To standardize HSE management for safe construction.

Fully cover the HSE management elements for safe and stable construction within the whole project term;

All-dimension control the environmental protection and boost green development of the company;

Integrate the human-oriented principle and care about the employees’ occupational health;

Control and warn risks in advance and better the safety risk control strength of the company;


7) To take lean cost control and better the profitable space.

Based on the FIDIC clauses, establish two lines of revenue and expenditure and strictly exercise contract management;

Through overall budget, carry out preliminary cost plan – event control - post-event analysis;

Take lean cost management and control expenses in multiple dimensions;

Establish the fund management system to effectively control the corporate costs;


8) To take the lean commissioning and digital handover.

The commissioning package contains complete information with clear catalogue and definite categories and it is used to accurately instruct commissioning;

Standardize the defect elimination procedure with no risk left behind;

Track and handle the final item with no dispute left behind;

Take the digital handover and seamlessly dock the infrastructure construction to production;


9) To aid decision and support rapid and scientific decisions by the decision-making layer.

Establish the KPI indicator assessment system;

Establish the remote expert supporting system for the engineering projects;

Provide the management and control cabin for the management at the high level;

Provide the project monitoring tools for the management at the middle level;

National Building Material International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NBM International Engineering) is a Chinese Grade A comprehensive design and scientific research unit, an international chemical engineering group and a key hi-tech corporation in China. And NBM International Engineering information platform of integrated managmenet is a information management platform with complete business and shared data, wherein in accordance with the life-cycle management guideline of the general contract project, the plaform carries out the overall design based on the mature technology platform and the software products to highlight the lean management over the whole construction process of the general contracting project from the preliminary work such as bidding and project establishment to its EPC general contract construction, while it completely constructs the systems such as financial management, HR management, procurement and transportation control, collaborative design, EPC project management etc. so as to integrate the four flows of control, materials, information and fund; moreover, such platform uniformly manages all elements of engineering projects for horizontal integration of various business items in compliance with the management requirements of NBM International Engineering to take digital control with full coverage and full process over all contracting project of the group.